Grand High Priest Loren D. Lloyd Edict 1

Date: March 11, 2016

To: Missouri Chapters of Royal Arch Masons
Grand Chapter Officers
Past Grand High

Subject: Edict No. 1

It is my will and pleasure to create the appointive positions of Regional Grand Lecturer of which there will be two, West and East, the dividing line of which will be US Highway 63.

The duties of the Regional Grand Lecturer shall be to follow the direction of the Grand Lecturer, plan and execute ritual schools within their respective regions, assist and provide instruction and leadership to the District Deputy Grand Lecturers.

Regional Grand Lecturers shall attend to any meetings of the Ritual Committee as directed by the Grand Lecturer and provide input thereto.

Loren D. Lloyd, Grand High Priest

(for informational purposes only, in accordance with the above edict, the following appointments have
been made:)

Western Region
VEC Clarence Leroy Jennings
Wyoming Chapter No. 43

Eastern Region
VEC Michael Dodd
Shelbina Chapter No. 99

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