K. Trent Moreland
Right Eminent Grand Commander
of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar
of the State of Missouri

Grand Commandery Officers

K. Trent Moreland Grand
Roger D. Fleer Deputy Grand
Clark A. McLemore Grand
Charles E. Cooper Grand Captain
Harry L. Tripp, Jr. Grand Senior
Dennis L. Hammack Grand Junior
Donald L. Trabue Grand Treasurer
Russell S. Hanson Grand Recorder
Roy L. Gilkey Grand Prelate
Dennis A. Abernathy Grand Standard
Michael C. Rohman Grand Sword
Kevin B. Sample Grand
James L. Woodfin, Jr.Aide-De-Camp
Ronnie E.
Ronald E. Wood, Jr. Grand Historian
Kirby Aaron MorelandGrand Sentinel
Kevin E. Weaver Grand Drill Instructor/Lecturer
Daniel E. Quesenberry Grand Chorister
John E. Schofield Grand
Larry F. WaltersGrand Photographer
William R. Brantley Assistant Grand Photographer
Russell S. Hanson Knight Templar Magazine & KTEF Representative
Russell S. Hanson Conclave Program Book
Debbie L. Hanson Executive Assistant to the Grand Recorder for everything

Regional Grand Commanders

David D. PowellRGC, Region 1
William J. King RGC, Region 2
Darryl L. Price RGC, Region 2
Aaron E. Rose RGC, Region 3
Bobbie E. White RGC, Region 3
Gentry E. Slone RGC, Region 3
Ronald L. Skiles RGC, Region 4
Donald H. Vandegriffe RGC, Region 4
Dennis E. FetterRGC, Region 5
Clifton W. WoffordRGC, Region 6
Paul L. Daniels RGC, Region 7
Andrew J. Dawson RGC, Region 7
vacantRGC Region 7
vacantRGC, Region 7



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