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Date: September 19, 2017

To: Missouri Councils of Royal and Select Masters Grand Council Line Officers Regional Deputy Grand Masters Past Grand Masters Grand Council Jurisprudence Committee
Subject: Edict No. 1


According to the Grand Recorder’s Statistical Reports of 2016 Annual Returns, Councils reported donations to the Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMR) of only $364.25 and to the Grand Council Charity Endowment Fund (CEF) of only $211.75, from all of the Councils combined. Although some Councils failed to report contributions at all, these are extremely low contributions to the two major charities of our Grand Council.

It is my will that the following edict be issued and which is to be presented to the membership at the next stated assembly of each chartered Council, read again at the October and November stated assemblies, and recorded in the minutes. This edict shall remain in effect until a new Grand Master shall be elected and installed into office.

It is my Order that Subordinate Council Recorders include on their 2017 Dues Notices line items for (1) Voluntary Donations to CMMR with a “suggested amount” of $3.65, and (2) Voluntary Donations to CEF with a “suggested amount” of $5.00. The Grand Recorder’s office will supply upon request “Pennya-Day” stickers for CMMR, to be affixed to member’s dues cards of those who contribute at least the minimum amount of $3.65. And, that the Recorder of every Chartered Council and the chairman of any committee having oversight of the receipt of charitable contributions, donations of any kind, and bequests will report to and send to the Grand Recorder a written report of such charitable contributions, donations of any kind, and bequests so that documentation will be maintained for Missouri to receive credit for and the recognition it deserves. All checks for charitable contributions will be issued separately to the Grand Council of Missouri with a notation in the memo field of its designated use.


Joseph P. Elsen, Grand Master



Download Full Document: Edict No. 1

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